Nelson's Knows How to Throw a Good Tailgate

Although the Fall seems to come a little later here in Tennessee, autumn has finally arrived, and with it, the urge to watch football, to eat good food, and obviously to sip on some whiskey have come along, too. Cheers to that!

What better way to root on the Tennessee Titans--and also to keep warm when the temps really start to drop--than with a bottle of Tennessee whiskey? Actually, incorporating whiskey into your food might be a good place to start. Because we at Nelson's Green Brier Distillery are so bonkers about bourbon, we decided to set up one helluva tailgate that completely revolves around the stuff. We added whiskey to our hamburgers, we used it to make a boozy cheese spread, and we even spiked our favorite party snack mix with some of Nelson's finest. All of us were happier than we'd ever been after a football game!

And if liking NGBD spirits isn't reason enough to make it your #1 tailgating companion, our bottle shop is open on Sundays at noon, meaning you have the opportunity to buy the good stuff, even if you blew through your stock on Saturday night. Our bottle shop opens at noon on Sundays, and stays open until 5:00. 

Of course our favorite way to enjoy Nelson's Green Brier spirits is simply to sip them, but every now and then it can be fun to shake things up when it comes to whiskey. We hope you think so, too!