Cheer: A Liquid Gold Holiday Drinking Guide


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Raise your holiday spirit (and a glass of your favorite holiday spirits) with Cheer: A Liquid Gold Holiday Drinking Guide.

From expert mixologists and the hosts of the hit drinking podcast Liquid Gold comes the most complete holiday cocktail book with 125+ recipes to delight drinking enthusiasts of all kinds throughout the busiest entertainment seasons of the year. The beginner-friendly recipes are perfect for mixing drinks with friends and family, or preparing refreshments in advance to maximize your time spent with loved ones. Enjoy recipes for every season, including: 

  • The first chill in the air with whiskey cocktails, apple brandy, and pumpkin spice drinks
  • Halloween cocktails and punches 
  • Thanksgiving pairings, wines, and apéritifs
  • Christmas and holiday whiskey cream, eggnog drinks, and ice cream cocktails
  • New Years sparkling wine cocktails and champagnes 
  • Dry  January non-alcoholic cocktails, and a guide to making cordials that allow you to make beautiful non-alcoholic drinks
. . . and more! From alcoholic cocktails of all shapes and sizes to non-alcoholic drinks ranging from seasonal coffees to cider, hot chocolate, and teas, Cheer: A Liquid Gold Holiday Drinking Guide is an invaluable holiday resource and quintessential companion for the holiday season.