The Bollinger Old Fashioned

The Bollinger Old Fashioned

Muddled Orange Wheel at bottom of rocks glass
2oz Belle Meade
.25oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
.25oz Dry Curaçao - preferably Pierre Ferrand Dry Orange Curaçao
Orange Bitters

Stir with Rocks Jack Rudy Grenadine Float

Glassware: Rocks
Ice: Cubes
Garnish: Orange Wheel at Bottom

Henry Bollinger was our original distillery foreman and a true class-act. This classic Old Fashioned riff pays homage to him and his meticulous note-keeping. The drink adds orange and citrus flavoring to an already rich profile. The grenadine float ads color and sweetness without having to add a sugar cube or simple syrup.

Creator: AJ Soldo