Spring In The South

Spring In The South

2oz Belle Meade
.5 oz Campari
1oz Sweet Vermouth
.75oz fresh lemon juice
.5oz simple syrup
Egg white

Glassware: Collins
Ice: Pellet Ice
Garnish: Lemon Wheel

Dry Shake 15 seconds add ice and shake 15 seconds Typically stirred and served up, this variation adds egg white, simple syrup and lemon juice and is served on the rocks with a soda plash for a refreshing twist in the spring or summer time. Serve over ice in collins and add splash of club soda with lemon wheel garnish.

Nothing says spring or summer more than basil, citrus and wheat style beer. Add some local honey to support your neighborly bee keeper. Once the cocktail is built, don’t go heavy on the ale, as it can overwhelm the recipe quickly.

Creator: AJ Soldo