Maple Butter Old Fashioned

Maple Butter Old Fashioned

In this rich, flavorful Old Fashioned, our Nelson Brothers Classic Bourbon is “fat washed” before being added to the cocktail. Fat washing is a technique that involves infusing a spirit with a fatty ingredient such as butter, coconut oil or bacon fat – adding texture and body in addition to flavor. In this instance, nutty browned butter is added to the bourbon to give the cocktail additional depth of flavor.

Creator: Rachel Ramirez

2 oz Brown Butter Washed Nelson Bros. Classic Bourbon 
.25 oz maple syrup
2 dashes aromatic bitters 

Combine butter washed bourbon, maple syrup and bitters in a mixing glass. Add ice and stir until chilled. Strain into a rocks glass over one large cube or sphere. Express the oils of an orange peel over the top of the drink and insert peel into drink.

To prepare the brown butter washed bourbon, brown a ¼ pound of butter on the stovetop. Combine browned butter and 1 (750 ml) bottle of bourbon in a nonreactive container. Allow to cool to room temperature. The butter will solidify on top of the bourbon. Cover and freeze overnight. Strain the bourbon through cheesecloth to remove the solids. Bottle and refrigerate for up to one month. (Pro-tip: Save the now-bourbon infused butter for cooking or baking.)