Men's Gear: The Best 15 TN Whiskeys You Need to Try

Men's Gear: The Best 15 TN Whiskeys You Need to Try
Men's Gear: The Best 15 TN Whiskeys You Need to Try

We’ve always considered ourselves lucky to be included among the likes of so many legendary Tennessee Whiskeys, and Men’s Gear recently wrote a great round up of some of our favorites. Check out the full list here, but we’re quite partial to their review below:

“When you buy a bottle of Nelson’s Green Brier, you’re purchasing a little slice of history. This is a real heritage brand whose family business was killed off by Prohibition. Modern descendants of the old family whiskey-makers found the old distillery and re-started the business back up. They’re now producing some of the best wheated whiskey in Tennessee at an incredible pocket-friendly price. 

“The whiskeys produced by Nelson’s are still relatively young compared to others, but by the end of 2021 they will all be a minimum of four years old. They include wheat in their mash bill, an unusual step in Tennessee whiskey-making, but it adds depth to the flavor and provides a distinctive taste. 

“This whiskey begins with spicy warm apples sweetened with vanilla and caramel before moving on to the butteriness of cinnamon toast dusted with cherries and dark chocolate. The final flavors left dancing on your tongue are full of spice, brown sugar and dark wood. Yum.  

Sure, you’ll find more aged whiskeys elsewhere but with each year that passes, Nelson’s Green Brier just gets better and better. It’s already lost its ‘youngness’ and is up there with the best. We can’t wait to see how this pans out in the coming years. Guess we’ll just have to keep trying more whiskey. Sigh. What a hardship…”

Thanks so much for the great review, Men’s Gear, and keep on drinking Nelson’s!

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