Nashville Scene: NGBD Plans Limited Release of Their First Tennessee Whiskey


Ever since they first announced more than five years ago that they would be restarting the Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery, brothers Andy and Charlie Nelson have been looking forward to releasing a genuine Tennessee whiskey. Back in the day, the original incarnation of the company sold more than 30 different brands, so the Brothers Nelson knew they had precedent for selling both purchased whiskey like their Belle Meade Bourbon as well as product that is distilled in their own facility.

But there is also a transitional product between their first releases and their flagship. For the first year, the Nelsons were using smaller 30-gallon casks to store and age their first distillate. These sizes of barrels tend to age a little quicker but not as elegantly as the larger vessels. So they know that this will not be the same product as their final release. Kind of like I’m sure my high school girlfriend probably knew that the guy she would marry would be a lot more refined than I was (am), but I hope I was worth at least sampling.