FOOD REPUBLIC: 6 Cask-Finished American Whiskies to Put In Your #DadBod

Belle Meade Sherry Cask Finish Bourbon
"You might think that finishing your bourbon in sherry casks is a newfangled idea, inspired by the Old World. But in fact, early bourbon distillers were known to use sherry casks because of their size (more than double that of bourbon barrels so, after the angels take their share, you could easily consolidate at least three barrels into one sherry cask to save space). Green Brier Distillery in Nashville released its Belle Meade Bourbon Sherry Cask Finish last fall. It’s a nine-year-old bourbon that spends three to four months in Oloroso casks from the Jerez region of Spain. Sherry barrels give an overall sense of depth to the spirit, imparting fruity, floral, raisin and nutty notes. This is a bourbon to sip thoughtfully as you dole out words of wisdom." MORE