Food Republic: 35 Independent Craft Distillers That Need To Be On Your Radar

Small batch isn't just a buzzword: it's the now.

It’s Craft Beer & Spirits Week at Food Republic, which has us taking a close look at the small producers of fine potables. We can’t go long with all of these producers, like we previously did with 86 Co. and Cathead Vodka. But we wanted to call out some of our favorite American craft spirits makers — as decided on by the Food Republic editors and regular spirits writers — for the next time you are sitting at the bar, or standing in your favorite neighborhood bottle shop, in need of some inspiration.

Nelson's Green Brier Distiller: This 30,000-square-foot distillery in Nashville’s Marathon Music Works building houses a Vendome still and barrel room, the tools founders Charles and Andy Nelson use to make their triple-great-grandfather’s Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey. While the bottling of that product is a few years away, their Belle Meade bourbon has become very popular with the locals.