Southern Living: 50 People Who Are Changing the South in 2015

In a time when upstart micro-distilleries are booming across the country, the story of Nelson’s Green Brier is one of rebirth. Brothers Andy and Charlie, the great-great-great grandsons of Charles Nelson, whose whiskey production outpaced Jack Daniel’s 13-fold before Prohibition, have reclaimed the Nelson’s Green Brier name with their newly opened distillery and tasting room in Nashville. The first batches of their wheated whiskey, fresh off the copper pot still (named “Miss Louisa” after their triple-great-grandmother), sit in charred oak barrels, waiting to come of age. In the meantime, you can sample the un-aged product and get the full background on a tour of the distillery. Because, like good Southern sons, they’re just as invested in their story.