Paste Magazine Reviews Belle Meade Bourbon

Paste Magazine reviews Belle Meade Bourbon

Known for their education of what's new and cool, Paste Magazine has started a series of Small Batch Bourbon Reviews. We're honored to be included and even more so that we're the first in the series

The author's story of how he came to discover Belle Meade Bourbon is a good one and we're sure glad he did. Our hope is bourbon lovers all around the globe will rejoice in their first sip and we'd love to know what you think of it. Give us a shout sometime.

I have nearly finished off my first bottle of Belle Meade and am looking forward to my second. As bourbons go, this one has a remarkably sweet nose with beguiling vanilla notes. The first sip packs a bracing astringency that nips at the tongue like a fine rye or superbly aged Caribbean rum. (In fact, Belle Meade is about 30 percent rye.) Give it a swirl. Let it breathe a few minutes. And you get a delicious payoff: a mellow caramel finish redolent of peat, oak, spice and Calvados. It’s a good drink for a contemplative sip.
— Wendell Brock for Paste Magazine