The Tennessee Stud

The Tennessee Stud

Please Enjoy Responsibly. Bell Meade Bourbon 45.2% alc/vol ©2023 Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery, Nashville, TN.

2 oz Belle Meade Bourbon
Equal parts cold Ginger Beer and cold unsweetened iced tea.
2 dashes of aromatic bitters. 
Build in a Collins glass over ice and garnish with a lemon wedge.

"The Tennessee Stud was long and lean
The color of the Sun and his eyes were green.
He had the nerve and he had the blood.
There never was a horse like the Tennessee Stud."

-Written by Jimmy Driftwood

This cocktail recipe is an easy as pie, warm weather, crowd pleasing, southern specialty that was concocted by our own Charlie Nelson and was inspired by the classic song. The hardest part of this drink is deciding whether to make them to order or to batch some in a pitcher. Either way you'll enjoy enjoy the delicious fruits of your momentary labor.