Nashville Word of Mouth: "Deep-seated spirit"

Nashville Word of Mouth: "Deep-seated spirit"
Nashville Word of Mouth: Deep-seated spirit

                      photo: Justin Chesney I Nashville Word of Mouth

Exactly 100 years after Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery closed down Andy and Charles Nelson reintroduced the company that defined Tennessee whiskey as its own category.

Their business required more patience than most. The brothers laid down whiskey barrels, filled them up and waited for their product to age. In the meantime, the history buffs researched the industry and distillery history. They discovered Green Brier was once a household name in the whiskey world outselling the likes of Jack Daniels. After statewide Prohibition forced their family to halt production in 1909, all that was left were two original bottles housed in the town’s historical society. In 2009, the great-great-great grandsons of Charles Nelson reopened the distillery’s doors.

After all, how could they not? Andy and Charles are preserving their family name by introducing a line of small-batch bourbon to the shelves. Their story so beautifully represents the deep-seated spirit most Southerners possess for their roots. Even a writer couldn’t make this stuff up.  READ MORE